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Teaming is an initiative launched by Jil Van Eyle in 1998. Since then a multitude of individuals have contributed to a wide range of charitable causes, all by donating 1 euro a month each.

A handful of companies were the first to start Teaming. All of their employees who were inspired to do so contributed 1 euro a month to the charitable causes chosen by their companies. There are currently 1,000 companies from 40 different countries who are already Teaming. Together they raise 200,000 euros a month, which is sent to various charities. Spain is the country that has contributed most to Teaming, but the initiative also has a significant presence in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Japan and the Netherlands.

In 2010 the idea arose to extend Teaming beyond just companies. Thus the initiative came about to create Teaming Online in order to reach out to anyone who would be interested in Teaming (groups of friends, families, soccer teams, NGOs, Foundations, etc.). Anyone who wants to can do Teaming!

For the moment Teaming Online is only available in Spain, but the goal is to develop the platform in other countries so that the amount of aid delivered will grow around the world. Accompanying us on this path are Grupo Intercom, everis and Banco Sabadell, the driving forces behind Teaming Online.

The Teaming Foundation has been founded to provide Teaming Online with a board of trustees and its objectives, etc. Teaming Online currently has ten staff members.

Teaming is possible thanks to the support of these companies...

Grupo Intercom

Grupo Intercom is Spain's number one company for creating and carrying out e-commerce, especially for online classifieds. Since its foundation, it has created over 40 online companies. Since the beginning, Grupo Intercom has stood out for its thirst for ongoing technological innovation, and its capacity to lead profitable projects in a variety of fields.

Grupo Intercom's goal is to achieve a profitable business model that provides the opportunity for as many people as possible to maximize their professional and personal potential. Over 700 employees work at Grupo Intercom and it is ranked in the top 50 Spanish workplaces by the Great Places to Work Institute.


everis is a multinational consultancy firm that offers business, strategy, development and maintenance solutions for technology and outsourcing applications. We operate in every sector and work with top companies. We have the tools necessary to transform how business is understood and managed. Thus not only do we help companies be more efficient and profitable; we also help them grow and keep one step ahead.

Our turnover has consistently grown in the 20% range, to the point where we now boast roughly 10,000 professionals working in offices in Europe, Latin America and the USA. Our professional success has always been supported and driven by something very important: the positive attitudes, commitment to excellence and the talents of our professionals.

Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell is Spain’s fourth largest private banking group, which is comprised of different banks, brands, subsidiaries and part-owned companies covering all areas of the financial business sector under a common denominator: professional performance and quality.

A young, highly-qualified team, with the most modern, up-to-date technological and commercial resources and a multi-brand, multi-channel organisation focusing on the client enable Banco Sabadell to occupy an outstanding position in the personal and business banking markets.

Banco Sabadell is the official financial partner of Teaming and makes possible that the website work without comissions.

Banco Sabadell Logo

The Teaming Foundation

Teaming Online Financing

How are the monthly contributions processed and how is Teaming Online financed?

Transparency is one of Teaming's fundamental principles. In this section we will give a brief and simple explanation of how the monthly contributions to Teaming Group members are handled and how Teaming Online is financed.

Processing of monthly contributions

All of the 1 euro contributions made by Teaming Group members are "stored" in a deposit account belonging to the Teaming Foundation. The money raised by each Group remains in that account until its respective Teaming Manager decides to release it to be donated to the charitable cause the Group is supporting.

We would like to point out one aspect in particular:

As you know, thanks to an agreement between Teaming Online and Banco Sabadell, each person's 1 euro per month contribution is sent intact to the charitable cause he or she has chosen; there are no fees. In exchange, the Teaming Foundation's deposit account is not paid any interest for "holding" the Teamers' money; the interest accrued on the Foundation's balance is instead used to fund the account's maintenance costs in order to keep the fees at 0.

Direct donations to the Teaming Foundation

There are individuals/companies who of their own accord have decided to make direct donations to the Teaming Foundation to help support its mission. This is the main source of the Teaming Foundation's financing.

If you're interested in making a donation to Teaming, contact Jil Van Eyle by e-mail at jilvaneyle@teaming.net or by calling (+34) 93 504 56 00.

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