• What is Teaming?

    Teaming is a charitable initiative created in 1998, which helps those in need with micro-donations of 1 euro.

    People who donate through Teaming contribute 1 euro a month to a charitable cause of their choice.

  • Teaming Online

    On our website, people create their own Groups or join others which support a variety of charitable causes, donating 1 euro a month from their checking accounts. This is done securely, automatically, transparently and without fees.

    One of the goals of Teaming Online is to help people who really need it, and that is where your contribution becomes crucial.

    For the moment, the site is only available in Spain, but we plan on launching Teaming Online in other countries in the near future.

  • The evolution of Teaming

    From 1998 to 2011, Teaming was focused within various companies. Starting in 2012... Teaming Online is being opened up to everyone!

    There are currently 1,000 companies from 40 different countries who are already applying Teaming. Together they raise 200,000 euros a month, which are sent to various charities.

    Can you imagine what we could achieve all together, contributing €1 each per month to a charity? Create your Teaming Group now!

    Who can do Teaming?

    Any one who wants can do Teaming.

    Friends and family



  • How Teaming began

    It's impossible to understand why this project exists without first taking a brief look at how the idea behind it was conceived. To do this we'll have to go back to October 8, 1998. That was when Jil Van Eyle, the driving force behind Teaming, witnessed the birth of his first daughter, Mónica, who was born with a serious illness called hydrocephalus.

    From that moment on, faced with the scant amount of information available on his daughter's condition at the time, Jil started meeting with foundations and organizations to see how he could help others in the same situation. That was when he came up with the idea of micro-donations in groups as a basis for helping a variety of projects and charities.

    The idea's simplicity and innovativeness saw the project take flight both in Spain and abroad, to the point where it currently boasts well-known members such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the former manager of FC Barcelona, Frank Rijkaard, and the singer Shakira.

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